Jimmy Jib Rental

AnyPov is one of the largest providers of Jimmy Jib Rentals in Los Angeles. We have an extensive selection of Jib arms and Jib operators to meet your production needs in Los Angeles and Jimmy Jib rental and operators in Atlanta.

4′-40′ Jimmy Jib Triangle

  • Hot Gears Digital Remote System
  • Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Steer Field Pedestal

Spintech Rain Deflector

Bartech Follow Focus Systems

Wide Angle Lenses

High Definition Filed Monitors

jimmy jib rental los angeles atlanta anypov

Tech Specs

Jib Specs Arm Reach Tail Length Underslung Height Overslung Height Platform Riser Size
STANDARD 7′ 4′ 10′ 13′ 12’x12′
STANDARD PLUS 10′ 4′ 13′ 16′ 12’x12′
GIANT 13 4′ 16′ 19′ 12’x12′
GIANT PLUS 16′ 4′ 20′ 23′ 12’x16′
SUPER GIANT 19′ 6′ 23′ 26′ 12’x16′
SUPER GIANT PLUS 25′ 6′ 27′ 30′ 12’x16′
EXTREME 31′ 9′ 32′ 35′ 16’x20′
40 FOOTER 41′ 9′ 42′ 40′ 16’x20′
  • Names of arm lengths are given by the manufacturer
  • Measurement from tripod fulcrum to camera. Depending upon specific camera, actual length to lens may vary.
  • Tail length includes counter weights which extend beyond actual jib tail.
  • Riser size depends on swing of arm – given measurements are for 180 degree swing. Using conventional 4′ x 8′ riser sections will result in larger footprint.
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